STAGE: RTL Nieuws in New York

Tijdens mijn stage bij RTL Nieuws in New York assisteerde ik producent Thijs Roes en correspondent Erik Mouthaan. Ik deed beeldresearch, zocht naar unieke items en interessante sprekers, en nam de voorgesprekken af. 

We volgden de voorverkiezingen op de voet, maar er was tevens ruimte voor ‘luchtige’ onderwerpen, zoals paardenkoetsen in New York.

REPORTAGE: Fashionclash Festival (

Fashion clash is a unique event in Maastricht where fashion designers collide with non-fashion designers. Fashion shows are open to the public resulting in a clash amongst visitors from different backgrounds and cultures.

For the last six years, young designers, artists, journalists and visitors from all over the world have come together for one weekend in Maastricht, the Netherlands. FashionClash Festival has become bigger and bigger every year and So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins was lucky to join the sixth edition from June 13 – 15. The festival is unique in that it doesn’t focus solely on fashion shows with known designers; it gives a platform to those who are just starting out and to talented artists in the FashionClash Exhibition, such as Daniel Ramos Obregon, who we at So Catchy! had the pleasure to interview a while back. We also got to sit down with one of the co-founders and directors of the FashionClash festivalBranko Popovic, who gave us some insight into the development of the festival over the past few years.

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INTERVIEW: Modeontwerpster Maria Glück (

Maria Glück has made quite the impression in the past year. She has been travelling nonstop from event to event, including Fashion Clash Maastricht, where we here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Beginswere given the opportunity to talk with the ambitious designer. With three high-end collections, her background in sculpture and visual arts and a studio in Berlin where her assistant helps her cut wood, the intriguing Maria Glück gives us her take on sustainable fashion.

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